how to clean roomba filter?

how to clean roomba filter

If you’re like me, you’re reading a lot about the different Roomba models, but frankly, I’m still puzzled by the sheer number of existing models, so I decided to do my research, based on my individual needs and my living void.

Roomba comes in various models, including a series of the pets, as well as a variety of price ranges. There are regular features as great as expensive high-end models. You may wonder which one you are?

With some guilt, it’s good to watch a small bowl-shaped object sliding on the ground, collecting all the dust and dirt along the way. After you turn it on or plan to clean it, it empties your house, leaves your hands free of other things, so relaxes and relax on the couch and watch football on a Sunday night.

The problem is choosing which one to buy. As with almost any product in the world, the speed and development of new technologies in the 21st century allowed Roomba to remain at the forefront of the vacuum cleaner industry. For example, the new 700 series includes all the features of the previous models, which provide enhanced features that have only been introduced for models 500 and 600. The other new feature consists of a touch screen, eliminating the need to use buttons! With the 770 and 780 models (dirt detection … I call it “dirt inspector”), improvements were achieved as a result of cleaning. They can not only detect lighter dirt particles, such as oatmeal, fluff, and leaves, but they collect dirt more efficiently than its predecessors, and for long periods, because the design is smaller than before, and the battery life now increases about 50%.

Speaking of efficiency, the indicator warns at 770 and 780 when the dust container is at its end. This prevents a scenario where garbage piles up on your floors, even if you don’t understand that Roomba has stopped working. If you are looking for a less expensive “dirty” model without frills, there are many other models on the market besides the 700 series, such as the base 400 models. This is a wise choice if you want the basics. His sister, Series 500, will give you a better idea of ​​all the possibilities that Roomba lines can offer you. That’s why the 500 Series offers longer battery life, higher power, and predefined scheduling options, while the 400 Series offers essential cleaning functions without these additional bells and whistles.

There is also the 600 series, an update for the 500 series, but it does not contain all the features offered by the 700 lines.

Please note that in each series, there are different models to choose from. Today, 780 offers the most features. As technology continues to adapt to our changing world, features that were considered “optional” in the past are likely to become standard features and will keep with iRobot innovation.

In the end, the model that suits you depends on your commitment, your budget, and your space requirements. Roomba is an investment and iRobot has provided options to suit most budgets and needs.

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